My girl…

A stray finds her forever home


My girl was about 3 days old here…I wanted to name her Sequoia…he wanted to name her Lynxx…He won! The big bad tall man got her for me.  



spayedWe went to the ASPCA to get Lynxx spayed. It was an adventure all in itself. The morning of August 24, 2014, we woke up at about 4 am to head over to the site location. The schedule was listed on their website for when they would be serving a particular area, so I had planned accordingly. Who knew having a pet was such a big responsibility…well I did! I researched it after all.

I planned for her…I shopped for her…I dreamed about her…And then she came home.


What can I say about this little runt?  She makes my heart swoon…

I have so many amazing stories I can tell you about my girl

Like the time my ex-fiance’ accidently locked her in the hall closet when she was just a wee bit old before he went off to work. The big bad tall man did it…


When we first brought her home she wouldn’t sleep in her bed, she would sleep underneath my bed on my shoe storage bag. I guess she felt exposed out in the open where her bed was located…


One day I spent an entire afternoon searching my apartment for her, and when I finally looked up there she sat perched up high on my kitchen cabinet (((she heard me calling her name 🙂 )))))


This cat sleeps in the oddest places around the apartment. She has a bed in nearly every room and still I find her asleep under a table, in a bag [no, I am not kidding], in a shoe box and now she has graduated to sleeping on the floor in the bathroom behind the door. Really Lynxx









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