Kitty Cot


My Amazon review: I love the Kitty Cot and so does Lynxx! Lynxx is a one-year-old mixed breed cat (female orange cats are rare, I’m told). This kitty is not camera shy at all, as I am trying my hand out in photography she is the subject of many photo shoots.

Lynxx is always laying about catching some sun, so when I looked for a product I tried to incorporate her favorite past time of bird watching into her sunbathing routine. So why I rated this item with 5 stars: (1) Stability – Lynxx is about 9 lbs…at her last vet visit, so it supports her weight, (2) Durability – I’ve owned this product for approximately two months and she hasn’t fallen off once in the past 60 days, (3) Stylish – Easy to incorporate into any home decor…it is installed in my kitchen, (4) Functionality – Most cat owners are on the lookout for the next greatest and latest item to keep their curious cat from getting into things that they very well have no business getting into [house plants, scratching furniture, toilet paper, etc], and (5) Love – All cat owners just simply love spoiling their feline babies! Here are some tips if you’ve ordered this product and your cat doesn’t immediately gravitate towards it. Cats love to perch/ be up high, so the continuous jumping up and down will give great daily exercise. I am not a veterinarian but we all should have common sense – no fat cats allowed, not a good idea if you really love your cat…optimal health is key!

TIP: Spray your favorite lightly scented perfume/cologne on a towel or blanket that your cat likes. Because of a cat’s keen sense of smell, they will associate the scent with you and will less likely fear the newest item you’re wishing to introduce into its’ life.




The above review is over a year old as of February 2017 – Update: The suction cups have loosened a few times when the weather outside was extremely cold and the apartment was very hot, so I assume the condensation is what caused this to occur. However, I still recommend the product, because Lynxx is still enjoying her Kitty Cot despite falling out of it…the shock lasted all of a week, at most.

Recommendation: Periodically remove and clean both, the glass and the suction cups to prevent this from happening.


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