New “Keeper” on the block

Like most new fish keepers I have had my challenges. As a kid, I started out with a small 10 gallon aquarium. I came home one day from school and one of my goldfish was laying on the carpet…who knew that fish could or would jump out of the tank.

Lesson learned: Buy a tank cover! Lol

The goal of this blog is to help new fish keepers to avoid the many pitfalls that anyone new to any hobby is sure to encounter.

Things to know

Fish keeping is a very expensive hobby.

First – If you would like to avoid wasting money…do lots of research. Please do not set out to be a trial and error aquarist.


Next – Plan ahead. If you have a plan established, chances are you will not make immature purchases. eg. Filtration, Heating, Lighting, Fish, etc.

Last – Understand that even if you are the best planner…things will still go wrong!


“Happy Fish Keeping”!!!